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Source: Twitter

Ivanka Trump Faces Twitter Backlash After Announcing Plan To 'Break Down Barriers' For Women

By Erica Diaz

Ivanka Trump tweeted a short video Monday. The clip, meant to highlight her involvement in setting up the Women Entrepreneur's Finance Initiative, didn't sit well with many. It wasn't the idea of the initiative, or of empowering women, that turned people off. People seem to be all for that. 

The problem, as far as people were concerned, was Ivanka:

Source: Twitter

Ivanka publicly pushes a narrative of female empowerment, but her clothing line is made by garment workers who are paid so little that many cannot afford to live with their children. These women are paid the lowest legal wage, which comes out to under $175 a month. They may get an extra $10 a month if they do not take any days off for menstruation, but many don't have access to pads/tampons/cups and staying out of work is more sanitary. 

One worker actually laughed when she was told about Ivanka pushing women's empowerment and a work/life balance; the worker said her idea of a work/life balance would be if she could see her children more than once a month. The workers also acknowledged that they know who the Trumps are and do not agree with their policies, "but we're not in a position to make employment decisions based on our principals." 

Twitter wasn't about to let Ivanka forget: