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Source: Chip Somodevilla/Pool/Getty Images

Obama Spokesperson Debunks Trump's Claims That Former Presidents Didn't Call Families Of Fallen Soldiers

By Collin Gossel

On Wednesday, four U.S. soldiers were killed during a deadly ambush in Niger. After a long period of silence, Trump finally commented on the deaths of the soldiers on Monday. The ambush was the deadliest combat operation of Trump's term, and he faced heat for not addressing it sooner. Trump told reporters he had written letters over the weekend that were probably sent already.

Trump then made this egregious claim about calling the families of the victims:

The traditional way, if you look at President Obama and other presidents ― most of them didn’t make calls. A lot of them didn’t make calls. I like to call when it’s appropriate, when I think I’m able to do it. They have made the ultimate sacrifice, so generally I would say that I like to call. I’m going to be calling them. I want a little time to pass.

Ample evidence quickly debunked Trump's claim. A spokesperson for former President Obama told HuffPost:

President Trump’s claim is wrong. President Obama engaged families of the fallen and wounded warriors throughout his presidency through calls, letters, visits to Section 60 at Arlington, visits to Walter Reed, visits to Dover, and regular meetings with Gold Star Families at the White House and across the country.