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Source: YouTube: The Alex Jones Channel, Twitter: @anapazprada

'InfoWars' Alex Jones Says The Vegas Mass Shooting Was 'Scripted' By Democrats

By Brian Skellenger

As Americans tried to process the horrific acts of violence that claimed 59 lives and injured hundreds more late Sunday night, Alex Jones was already ready to push a conspiracy theory about the mass shooting by Monday.

The Infowars host had been touting a theory on his Friday show that liberals were planning several smaller terrorist attacks that would lead to a larger-scale attack on November 4, and that the Las Vegas shooting proved his theory to be true.

"I told you over and over again that I believe their November 4th launch terror date was a smokescreen for them to begin launching terror attacks in October," he proclaimed. "They will get successively more intense until you basically come punch-drunk to them, then they’ll launch their main attack."