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Source: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr

Michael Jordan Just Weighed In On The NFL Protests

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

Sports icon and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan is the latest to continue the very public debate over the NFL's "take a knee" protest. Though Jordan has remained staunchly apolitical in the past — choosing not to endorse North Carolina Democrat Harvey Gantt in his 1990 Senate race, for example, and sharing his famous business maxim, "Republicans buy sneakers too" — the basketball legend has chosen to speak out following President Trump's latest comments.

Jordan gave this statement to the Charlotte Observer:

Jordan is the latest to weigh in on the national anthem protests that began with Colin Kaepernick last year. Kaepernick's protest sparked a national debate and earned him what many feel was an intentional blacklisting this season. 

The protest has grown to include fellow players, teams, owners, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.