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Source: Mark Taylor/Flickr

Trump’s EPA Chief Spokeswoman Says He Needs A Private Jet To Reach Real Americans

By Tom.

Taxpayers have paid for Tom Price, the head of the Health and Human Services Department, to fly on a private jet more then two dozen times. This decision has been defended by the department saying Price wanted to connect with "ordinary Americans."

Recently Politico discovered that Price could have used a commercial plane for many of the trips that he used a private jet. 

Politico reported that $17,760 for a chartered flight from Washington to Nashville, Tennessee, on June 6 was paid when commercial flights were available for just a few hundred dollars. Price also used a private plane to fly to the elite Aspen Ideas Festival in June, a trip estimated to have cost more than $7,000. Price began using private air travel after a delayed commercial flight made him miss a public event that his office had planned, according to the Post. 

A delayed flight? What a bummer for him.