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Source: twitter

Steve Bannon Could Be Fired From The White House A Lot Sooner Than We Hoped

By Koh Mochizuki

Steve Bannon could be out by the end of the week.

Bannon, an unrelenting white nationalist who ran Breitbart's website, has faced the threat of being ousted for quite some time after repeated brushes with staff members. 

Rupert Murdoch plead with Trump to have Bannon fired and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster admitted his refusal to even work with the Chief Strategist.

Talk of letting Bannon go reached a fever pitch over the weekend in the wake of the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA. 

Bannon urged Trump specifically not to single out and upset his far-right base when formulating a response to the violent rally, but the President insisted, "I never spoke to Bannon about it."

Trump wound up not condemning white nationalists at Saturday's press conference, and he refused to take any questions. But, he did offer a vague, blanket statement by concluding the session saying, "no matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans first." 

The people are also urging Trump to cut the cord.