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Trump Takes A Break From North Korea, Threatens Venezuela

By Collin Gossel

On Friday, August 11th, President Trump threatened military intervention in the South American country Venezuela, which would be a shocking escalation of our response to their political crisis if shocking escalation wasn't our status quo under the Trump administration. Trump told reporters at his golf club in New Jersey (where he's taking a 17-day working vacation):

The people are suffering and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option if necessary.

Venezuela has been going through an extremely dangerous period of political upheaval. When the countries famously socialist leader, Hugo Chavez, died in 2013, President Nicolas Maduro was elected to continue his policies by supporters called "Chavistas." However, as oil prices fall (oil accounts for 95% of the countries export revenues), the government has been forced to cut its social programs, eroding the lower-class support which accounted for much of Maduro's support.