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The Internet Has Been Completely Traumatized By 'Hereditary'—And We Totally Get It

The Internet Has Been Completely Traumatized By 'Hereditary'—And We Totally Get It
Updated 2 days ago

Horror movies are a staple of the cinematic experience, but it’s rare for one to impact audiences the way Hereditary has since its release last week. The film has been traumatizing viewers with a slow-burn horror experience amplified by the impeccable acting of Toni Collette and young breakout star Milly Shapiro. 

Just how horrifying is Hereditary? Twitter user Jesse Knight recalls an individual in his audience so scared that, as the credits rolled, she yelled at her friends, who clearly dragged her to a horror experience.

Hereditary currently sits at an 87% on Metacritic, making it another horror smash hit following John Krasinski's surprising A Quiet Place. So far, it’s been a good year for the horror genre with two successful movies, though it’s clear that Hereditary is affecting audiences quite a bit more than the mostly-dialogue free A Quiet Place

Bloody Disgusting Managing Editor, John Squires, had plenty to say about a certain scene that’s floored audiences.

In the plethora of reviews released, one common claim is that the film is one that sticks with you well after the credits have run their course. Twitter user Topo Chica (@classyxale) echoes that sentiment and couldn’t enjoy time at a bar without the film creeping into her mind.

Engagement Editor at the Verge, Ruben Salvadori, has advice for those that have seen Hereditary and are coming away with a common problem among other audience members.

Then there are those that were so affected by the movie that they just want to step away from it permanently.

Even people that have yet to see the film are anticipating sleepless nights or are far too afraid to try to see it alone. 

This one is sure to be freaking viewer out for months and even years to come.