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Neil Patrick Harris Didn't Know Who Rachel Bloom Was—And Her Response Was Legendary

Neil Patrick Harris Didn't Know Who Rachel Bloom Was—And Her Response Was Legendary
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6 days ago

The 72nd Annual Tony Awards telecast was filled with controversial political statements but what no one expected was there to be controversy between four-time past Tony Awards host, Neil Patrick Harris and CW Television Network series creator, Rachel Bloom.

Bloom, who writes, produces and stars in the critically acclaimed, award-winning musical-comedy-drama series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, was hosting the backstage segment of the broadcast for CBS (as she did last year) when NPH decided to get a little shady about the actress, not only pulling a "Who that? Never heard of her," but also taking aim at her idiolectical speech patterns:

Instead of laughs though, it appears Harris simply inserted his foot into his own mouth—in a BIG way. 

Not only should NPH know who Bloom is, as a fan of musical theater, but he's apparently met her (several times) AND worked with her husband before—a few details Bloom was only too-kind to remind him about: 

Though NPH attempted to stealthily recover from being schooled in front of the Internet...

...Twitter was having none of it:

Others seemed to be so stunned by the former How I Met Your Mother star's confessional tweet, which seemingly showed him to either be horribly petty or woefully out-of-the-musical-theater-loop that they chose to believe it was all an elaborate joke:

As of this morning, Bloom, whose show takes on the topic of mental illness in the hopes of educating, entertaining, and destigmatizing the issue and who often hosts the hashtag #TheaterKidRevengeCorner on her social media as a way for theater kids to clap back at bullies, has not yet replied to NPH's non-apology tweet. Harris has also not issued a J/K tweet. 

Here's a sample of her #TheaterKidRevengeCorner 2018 Tony Awards edition: