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After A Cruel Note On His Order, Buffalo Wild Wings Gives Homeless Man A Year Of Free Wings

After A Cruel Note On His Order, Buffalo Wild Wings Gives Homeless Man A Year Of Free Wings
Updated 2 weeks ago

Vulgarity and idiocy never tasted so good.

A Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Charles, LA came under fire when several of its employees wrote “For Homeless Fuck! Let sit and get gross” on the receipt of a homeless man’s order on Memorial Day. Unwilling to let the employees involved get away with it, the homeless man shared his ticket with his fellow patrons.

“You all know that I’m homeless, I don’t have anywhere to live,” the man said to anyone that would listen. Twenty-six-year-old Kailynn Weston was among the other customers and spoke to WAFB, stating, “I was just really upset about it, like why would you do that…” She continued by admitting “[I]t just really upset me.”

Several customers immediately rallied behind the homeless man, demanding repercussions for the employees involved. Buffalo Wild Wings management was more than willing to comply and Ray Rhodes, the location’s regional manager, informed reporters that the employees had been fired. “It’s not our culture and it’s not who we are,” Rhodes stated.

Buffalo Wild Wings even doubled down on their support for the homeless man, providing him with a gift card to buy new clothes and offering him free wings for a year at all of their locations. The food chain didn’t stop there, however, and even donated several hundred wings to Water’s Edge Gathering Church, a local outreach center for homeless. 

Thank you Buffalo Wild Wings & Ray Rhodes for the 800+ wings today. The homeless were ecstatic. In 7 years that I've...

Posted by Kelli Tidwell Stawecki on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On her Facebook page, a member of the center thanked Buffalo Wild Wings and Rhodes, stating, “In 7 years that I’ve been doing this we have never given out wings. I think this is their new favorite!”

It’s surprising that, after so many similar stories have unfolded in the past, employees still can’t quell their hate. In few, if any of those similar situations have people gotten away with being outwardly rude and disrespectful and this incident is just another example of how bigotry and hate can’t hide behind the First Amendment. 

While many people are behind Buffalo Wild Wings’ decision, some feel like the story being told is a “one sided [sic] argument” and “ignorant all the way around.”

Another individual questions whether or not management’s actions were enough, asking “Was this the correct form of compensation for this individual? Should more action be taken upon to ensure that workers keep their derogatory views and opinions at bay?”