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'Strip Fortnite' Is The Troubling New Misogynistic Trend Taking Over YouTube

'Strip Fortnite' Is The Troubling New Misogynistic Trend Taking Over YouTube
Updated 3 weeks ago

Video games are a culture in and of themselves, one that has come under fire for sexism and misogyny multiple times. The latest video game craze is no exception. 

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a survival game set in a modern day earth where an epic storm has disappeared 98% of the population. In their place, zombie-esque monsters rise up to attack all who are left behind. 

The misogynistic twist is that male YouTubers are now bringing their girlfriends, female friends, or in some cases, models, to broadcast Fortnite sessions and for every kill that they make, the girl is urged to strip off a piece of clothing. 

These guys have been using this as a tactic to gain followers. The 'game' is being called 'Strip Fortnite.'

Cosmopolitan reports...

"One of the biggest participants in the challenge is YouTuber Bryan Le, also known as @RiceGum. He has over 10 million subscribers, and has also been using the combo of Fortnite and female objectification to gain even more. In one of his videos (which we're not linking to, because it's gross), he creates a little narrative in which he can't find a girl to film a strip Fortnite challenge with him, so he asks a male friend for help.
'I need to borrow something from you. You know how you have a girlfriend? You think I can borrow her for a video?' he begs, speaking only to his friend, even though the girl involved is standing in the same room ... The video’s end is truly painful; completely topless and covering her chest with crossed arms, the woman is clearly uncomfortable."

Cosmopolitan describes another video...

"In perhaps the most disgusting video to date, YouTuber Carmie Sellitto (@touchdalight) played strip Fortnite with a person he introduced as his 13-year-old sister. Thankfully, the girl was not his sister, nor was she 13 — she was actually Millie T, another English YouTuber, and the video's since been taken down. But for Sellitto and others, displaying sexually explicit images of a supposedly underage girl seems to be A-OK, as long as it gets you views."

Someone had some choice words for Bryan Le, aka @RiceGum, one of the most well-known 'Strip Fortnite' YouTubers...

Others were, unsurprisingly, skeeved out...

And still others were grossed out by the idea that underage people are taking part in this...

We'll take a hard pass on this one.

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