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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
New Photo Of Trump White House Intern Class Has The Internet Understandably Upset
3 weeks ago

Once again the White House is taking heavy criticism for the lack of diversity among its interns. The administration released a photo Friday showing President Trump posing with the 2018 spring intern class, and like last summer's White House intern program, the participants are overwhelmingly white. 

Here's the photo:

People were understandably upset and took to Twitter to denounce the lack of diversity.

Political scientist and Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas just about summed it up:

As did France 24 correspondent Philip Crowther:

Rob Bennett from the NYC mayor's office broke it down by percentages:

But there was also just a fair amount of outrage:

Many compared this class of interns with those from when Barack Obama was in office: 

A few people felt bad for the lone black intern in the crowd:

Again, this isn't the first time Trump's White House has come under fire for it's lack of diversity among interns:

But Jason asked the question we're all asking: