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Texas Teacher Put On Leave For Talking To Students About Sexual Orientation—And People Are Livid

Texas Teacher Put On Leave For Talking To Students About Sexual Orientation—And People Are Livid
Updated 2 months ago

Stacy Bailey is an art teacher at Charlotte Anderson Elementary, part of the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) in Arlington, Texas. In September, Bailey, 31, was suspended with pay because the school received at least one complaint from a parent about the teacher's openness regarding her sexual orientation with her students. Since then, Stacy's family, a group of parents of children who attend the school, and even some of her students, have been calling for her reinstatement.  

On Tuesday, MISD released a written statement regarding the suspension. Among other things, the letter stated that, "...parents have the right to control the conversation with their children, especially as it relates to religion, politics, sex/sexual orientation, etc.”

However, taking all the details of the convoluted story into account (be sure to read through everything in the link below), it is unclear that Bailey did anything more than share that she has a girlfriend with her students, and show them some family photos that included her girlfriend. Bailey had requested that the school include LGBTQ language in their non-discrimination policy, though the school district claims this had nothing to do with her suspension.  

A statement from Bailey's lawyer contends much of what MISD is putting forth.

Here's a link to a comprehensive article on the story:  

Here is an image of August text messages between Charlotte Anderson principal Sheira Petty and a staffer identified only as “Donna.” They show the level of concern the school had over what amounts to Bailey merely being transparent regarding her sexual orientation and not hiding who she is.

Here it is:

Many Twitterers were outraged:

Though there were also a fair amount of commenters in support of the teacher's suspension:

Here's where some clarification as to what extend Bailey "discussed" sexual orientation versus merely being honest about who she is would be helpful:

But this person really cut to the heart of the matter:

Charlotte Anderson third-grader, Kain Hendrix, age 9, certainly seems to agree:

Ms. Bailey was my teacher, my role model and someone who always cheered me up. Every time I go to art it is not the same.