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Someone Defaced A David Bowie Statue Hours After It Was Installed—And The Irony Is Real 🤦‍♂️
2 months ago

It didn't take long after a David Bowie statue was unveiled for someone to vandalize it. The statue, titled "Earthly Messenger," was recently installed in Aylesbury's Market Square in Buckinghamshire, where Bowie reportedly first performed as his alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

The vandal seems to be a fan of Bowie, spray painting "RIP DB" on the brick wall behind the statue. But they conveyed a different message on the ground with "Feed the homeless first." We can only assume the person thought the statue was a waste of taxpayer money but there was just one problem: Taxpayers didn't pay for the statue. The money was raised through grants and crowd funding led by music promoter David Stopps.

First there was the issue of the spray paint:

And the fact that the government didn't pay for the art piece: 

One person wondered what Bowie would think of the message:

And people weighed in on that question: