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Chance The Rapper Calls Out 'Terribly Racist' Heineken Ad

Chance The Rapper Calls Out 'Terribly Racist' Heineken Ad
2 months ago

Heineken recently released a new ad for its Sometimes, lighter is better campaign and there's a problem. Chance the Rapper noticed and took to Twitter calling the add  "horribly racist." He also wondered if companies aren't well aware of the controversy ads like this create and perhaps it simply means more publicity.

The ad in question starts with a bartender noticing a beautiful woman (of course!) looking none to happy with her beer. He takes matters into his own hands and slides the beer across an entire rooftop party to the grateful woman. The end slogan? Sometimes, lighter is better followed by an information card telling us the beer has just 99 calories. Doesn't sound so bad, right?

The problem arises when you add in the subtler details. You see the woman has light skin and the beer, on it's intended destination to the "beautiful" target, literally slides past three dark skinned people then lands with Sometimes, lighter is better. 

Chance noticed and took to Twitter pointing it out. He also went to lengths to say he isn't calling for a boycott or trying to damage to the company, he simply wants consumers and advertisers to have more awareness. 

You can watch the ad below to see what Chance is talking about. 

Some people thought Chance was reaching on this one. 

Still others picked up on the subtlety and agreed with Chance that at best the ad was tone-deaf.

H/T: HNHH, Fader