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15+ Actual Quotes From Serial Killers That Will Definitely Keep Us Awake All Night Tonight

15+ Actual Quotes From Serial Killers That Will Definitely Keep Us Awake All Night Tonight
By Tom.
Updated 2 months ago

Serial killers walk amongst us on the daily. In fact, serial killers are reading this right now. They are the living, breathing boogeyman. And no matter how frightened we are by their presence we can't deny our fascination. Why? Why do they do it? If we could just understand. But even then, what is there to understand? Having a reason doesn't make their actions any less horrifying. 

This list of killers and their thoughts is not for the faint of heart. Even if you're an avid Dateline NBC viewer (as I am) what you will read maybe a bit much. Sometimes evil is just evil. And that is the scariest thing of all. 

1- Let's discuss Robert Pickton. 

He enjoyed murdering women then dismembering them, and then grinding them into feed for his pig farm. It's believed he took the lives of 49 women but he was disgruntled because he had a more even goal that was thwarted.

2- Gary Lee Sampson. 

He got lazy with his methods. 

3- Karla Homolka. 

She had family issues. She was married to Paul Bernardo the Scarborough rapist. They raped and murdered women for sport. One of their victims was Homolka's sister. Karla thought her sister would be the ideal Christmas gift to Paul. They recorded the entire event. 

4- Carl Panzram. 

He enjoyed brutally raping and murdering tons of boys and men. And his response when he was caught?

5- Edmund Kemper. 

Edmund murdered 6 females, his grandparents and his mom. After he horrifically extinguished his mom with a claw hammer he had sexual intercourse with her head. His methods seem to be really effected by mom. 

6- Alexander Pichushkin, “The Chessboard Killer.” 

Alexander was an avid chess fan. He had a plan to kill 64 people to match the number of squares on a chessboard. He came close, but to no avail, thankfully. 

7- Aileen Wuornos. 

You may know her because of Charlize Theron's Oscar winning turn as Aileen in the movie 'Monster.' She was an escort that killed several of her Johns and was executed in 2002. She had a few things to say before the end. 

8- Mary Bell. 

Mary was a mere 11 when she committed her acts of violence. She strangled a 4- year old boy and a 3-year old. She asked to see one of her victims and she explained why... which, is a response you'll lose sleep over. 

9- Lee Boyd Malvo, aka "The DC Sniper." 

Remember this terror? Lee and an accomplice terrorized the DC area for weeks before being brought to justice. Lee's only disappointment?

10- Edward Harold Bell. 

He's a keeper. When teenage girls began vanishing in Texas and then their bodies were discovered along I-45 the term 'Texas Killing Fields' was coined. The culprit, Edward claims he had a valid reason beyond his control. Wait for it... 

11- Albert Fish.

Albert maybe the template for Hannibal Lechter. He ate a ten year old girl and then wrote to her parents to inform them how tasty she was. 

12- Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist or as we now know him... 'The Golden State Killer.' 

This lunatic is still at large and the the inspiration for nightmares. He has murdered at least 10 people and raped over 50 women. He apparently does have a stoke of conscious now and again and reached out to a counseling service. 

13- Richard Ramirez, aka "The Night Stalker." 

Richard mutilated and murdered people and laid claim to Satan. Because that is a new excuse. 

14- Joel Rifkin. 

For Joel murder was an addiction. He just couldn't help killing 17 people in NYC and Long Island. 

15. H.H. Holmes. 

Holmes brought people to his home, where he murdered them and hid some in the walls. Holmes wrote a confession explaining his actions. 

16. Dennis Rader, "The BTK Killer." 

BTK = Bound, Torture, Kill. Just in case you were wondering. Enough said. 

17- Joe Metheny. 

Joe liked to mix his victims in with burger meat and then sell it all to customers for a meal from his foodstand. I'm done. 

18- Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Dahmer, the serial killer legend of legends. What's to say? He raped, murdered and dismembered boys for sport. And he never felt that he was in the wrong. 

Sweet dreams everyone. 

H/T : BuzzFeed