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Screenshot via SMNEWSNET
A Woman Just Destroyed ABC News On Twitter For Calling School Shooter 'Lovesick'
4 weeks ago

Another victim of gun violence died yesterday. Sixteen-year-old Jaelyn Willey was taken off life support after being shot in the head at Great Mills High School in Maryland. Her life was taken by a 17-year-old boy she had reportedly been in a relationship with. One other student was shot in the thigh. 

The shooter is also dead. It is unknown if he was killed by police or killed himself.

As news coverage came out about the tragedy, a glaring flaw in the way the media report certain kinds of stories came to light. The Associated Press described the shooter as a "lovesick teen." The story was then picked up by other news outlets including ABC, Time, and MSN.

The backlash was swift. People have had enough.

But it was Ashley Alese Edwards, senior editor of Refinery29, who spelled it out in a series of tweets:

Writer Leslie Streeter had a good idea of how this happened:

Others weighed in on the appropriate use of the term "lovesick":

There was a lot to unpack here, from male entitlement to racism in the media:

We can do better, and we must.