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Photos Of Actor Chris Evans With A New Mustache Just Tore The Internet Apart
2 months ago

Actors often change their appearance when they take on certain roles. Some gain weight, some lose it. Others grow their hair or shave their head. It's their job. It's what they signed up for — but that doesn't mean fans have to like it.

It appears Chris Evans, aka Captain America, is the latest thespian to sink his acting chops into a Broadway debut with a new role as a police officer in Kenneth Lonergan's Lobby Hero. The play also stars Michael Cera, Brian Tyree Henry, and Bel Powley. With Evans' new role came a new look. 

Brace yourself. You will never unsee what you are about to witness.

Fans were all up in their feelings about this. Some were ambivalent and shook:

Others were downright upset, or as upset as one can get over a mustache:

But plenty of people were totally down with the new 'stache:

Do we want to see Evans take this thing to a whole new level?

Yeah, maybe we have all we can handle with the current facial hair. 

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