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Check Your Mailbox—Harry And Meghan Just Sent Out Their Wedding Invites
2 months ago

There's no better reminder of the approaching royal wedding than the announcement that invitations have been sent out. As the world eagerly awaits the arrival of theirs in the mail, people are getting excited over the first public details about the union:

For 200 people, the invitation will also include entrance to a "private reception" in a beautiful mansion.

Everyone's gonna be dressed to the nines!

A young woman was commissioned to make 600 royal wedding invitations — quite the job for someone who just finished her apprenticeship.

The machine she used to make them has been around for quite a while!

Twitter users can't wait to receive their invites:

Our invitations should be here any moment! Once we RSVP, there will be one question on our minds: what will the cake be like?