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University Of Wisconsin Campus Is Considering Eliminating All Liberal Arts Majors

University Of Wisconsin Campus Is Considering Eliminating All Liberal Arts Majors
Updated 2 months ago

Not everyone knows exactly what the term "liberal arts major" means. Many people assume it refers to the creative arts, such as music, theater, film, and dance. Yet English, history, philosophy, foreign languages, anthropology, and political science are all considered liberal arts as well. These areas of study are all important to the educational fabric of our country. But, as the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point is considering eliminating all liberal arts majors.

The Washington Post said:

The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point has proposed dropping 13 majors in the humanities and social sciences — including English, philosophy, history, sociology and Spanish — while adding programs with 'clear career pathways' as a way to address declining enrollment and a multimillion-dollar deficit.

The article continued:

The plan to cut the liberal arts and humanities majors is in line with a failed attempt by Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2015 to secretly change the mission of the respected university system — known as the Wisconsin Idea and embedded in the state code  — by removing words that commanded the university to 'search for truth' and 'improve the human condition' and replacing them with 'meet the state’s workforce needs.'
The push away from liberal arts and toward workplace skills is championed by conservatives who see many four-year colleges and universities as politically correct institutions that graduate too many students without practical job skills — but with liberal political views.

People were not having it:

Others explained the benefit of a liberal arts education, because apparently school administrators don't get it:

This person didn't know what would be left:

Some openly mused on what kinds of students the school would churn out:

Many zeroed in on likely ulterior motives:

And Baird here hit the nail on the head...

The University of Wisconsin is a state school, meaning this will create a strong public/private divide in the state of Wisconsin, which in turn means deepening the economic-educational gap.

Let's all hope this decision is speedily reversed.

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