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Shahar Azran/WireImage
'Black Panther' Is Now The Most Tweeted-About Movie Ever
1 month ago

"Black Panther" began breaking records even before its release, and now it can add another trophy to its mantel. With over 35 million tweets, Black Panther is officially the most-tweeted about film of all time. Whether a user was a fan or a hater, Twitter confirmed what we already knew: The Afro-futuristic masterpiece is engaging the public in a way that only a masterpiece can. It's bridging generations and mindsets with the discussions it creates, strengthening millions of Americans through its representation. The film has generated a cultural excitement that, as 35 million tweets and counting will attest, no one can stop talking about.

Good Morning America came in with the scoop on analytics:

And fans all over rightfully celebrated the milestone by (you guessed it) tweeting more.

And some did their part.

We're sure this isn't the last record "Black Panther" will shatter, and even more certain that the importance of this film will continue to grow.