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Anti-Gay North Dakota Lawmaker Who Was Caught On Grindr Would Still Like Your Vote, Please

Anti-Gay North Dakota Lawmaker Who Was Caught On Grindr Would Still Like Your Vote, Please
Updated 2 months ago

Republican Randy Boehning has served as a Rep. in the North Dakota state House since 2002. During that time, he's voted repeatedly against LGBTQ legislation, including a bill that would give LGBTQ individuals legal protection and another that would have "banned housing and employment discrimination based on sexual orientation." 

Those are pretty run-of-the-mill votes for a modern day member of the GOP, but in Boehning's case, things are a bit different: in 2015, he was discovered on gay hook up site Grindr, sending unsolicited dick pics under the screenname Top Man.

And he's running for re-election this year.

Because of course he is.

After the x-rated pictures of Boehning were leaked to the press, the congressman came out as gay and described his time on Grindr as a "lapse in judgement." He also commented:

That’s what gay guys do on gay sites, don’t they? That’s how things happen on Grindr. It’s a gay chat site. It’s not the first thing you do on that site. That’s what we do, exchange pics on the site.

Actually, nobody wants unsolicited dick picks, Randy.

Despite this scandal's clear conflict with his voting history, Boehning is asking for your vote in his 2018 re-election campaign! 

He released a statement, which referenced his anti-LGBTQ voting history:

That is why I’m running once again. I will continue to be a strong voice for the residents in my district.

When Boehning was asked whether the Grindr scandal would impact his re-election chances, he replied:

I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.

Boehning spoke with North Dakota talk radio host Rob Port this week about the upcoming election.

Port took to Twitter to recap the convo:

Boehning was in fact endorsed by District 27 Republicans at their meeting this week and so will be on the ballot to be re-elected for a fifth term this upcoming November. 

Guess hypocrisy is not disqualifying.