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These Photos Of Paris, France And Its Chinese Knock-Off Architecture Totally Tricked Us

These Photos Of Paris, France And Its Chinese Knock-Off Architecture Totally Tricked Us
2 months ago

Did you know the Chinese had a "thing" for European architecture? We didn't. 

When we say they have a "thing" - what we mean is probably not at all what you're thinking. If you're thinking about people hanging out talking about European architecture, or maybe some buildings built with Euro-style, you're not thinking nearly big enough. 

Have you ever heard of Duplitecture? 

Evidently, in China there is a trend for re-creating European buildings, monuments, and even cities. It's called duplitecture - architecture meant to duplicate. Photographer Francois Prost traveled to China to photograph the housing development of Tianducheng - or, as some people are calling it - Paris, China. 

Check out these image comparisons between the Paris of China and the Paris of France - and remember, this is all just in one housing development! 

1. The Tower

There was exactly zero percent chance of having a Paris without that iconic structure. Can you tell which is which?

2. It's Lit, Fam!

If you were wondering, yes - the tower in China lights up as well.  It's about a third the size of the structure in France, and is lit up for only a few minutes at a time on weekend nights. Remember, this place isn't a tourist attraction. It's a small community with people living there. 

3. Fountain

We knew which fountain was which about ten seconds ago. But now that we're not actively looking at the photo label, we can't remember and we can't tell. 

4. Even The Statues Are Confused

Hang on, we're over here using Google to cross-reference what kinds of vegetation grow in China with these images. Then we remembered ornamental gardening and shipping were things and realized our searches were fruitless.

Now we look like these guys, too. 

5. Arch Enemies

The difference in building materials gives this one away for us. 

6. Background Brides

Both sculptures are amazing, but what really made us smile was that there are at least two brides in the background of the image taken in China. 

7. All That Glitters Isn't Gold

Again, it's the building material that gives it away. We're guessing since this wasn't meant to be a tourist attraction that golden turtles just weren't in the budget. 

Honestly, that's pretty fair.

8. Round And Round

Are there mini palm trees in Paris? 

9. Extend The Trend

Think duplitecture is just for outdoor spaces? Think again! It extends to indoor ones as well. 

10. Extend The Trend, Part Deux: Extendier & Trendier

Even the paintings? Even the paintings.

11. Demurely Derpy

Chinese statues are a bit more reserved about their nudity, evidently. Also... that face makes us happy. When one Instagram user commented "LOL Fake Paris" on one of Francois's images, we'd like to think it was this comparison that made him break into actual out loud fits of giggly joy.

12. Streetball

What a random little detail to duplicate. This is the level of commitment we need from everything from now on. 

13. Wait, What? 

This isn't the same building before and after a remodel? Are we sure?  

14. Not Just Buildings

Nono, they recreated the layout of an entire city as closely as they could.

15. Obligatory Tourist Shot

The shot in France has people in it. That's all we got for telling the difference. 

Believe it or not, this isn't even half of the images Francois used in his project! You can see the rest of them here

Could you tell the difference? Let us know in the comments.

H/T: Bored Panda, Paris Syndrome