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These 10+ Total Puppy Makeovers Deserve Their Own Reality TV Series
By Tom.
2 months ago

Now and again we all need a little tweak to our looks. A nice haircut and coloring can shake things up and pour on the confidence. Who is to say our canine babies also wouldn't love a day at the spa and a fierce makeover? One doggy groomer took to Instagram to display her talents of turning your pooch from Norma Jean to Marilyn. 

L.A. based groomer Jess Rona released snippets of her book "Groomed" to show the most creative looks out there. What she should do next is host a weekly reality fur baby makeover show. And before anybody calls PETA, relax, no animals were harmed in the process because all the dyes and conditioners used are animal friendly and safe.  

#1 - Those ears! That tail! Honey you on Fleek! 

#2 - Beyonce pre-show....

Teddy will have blue ears in approximately 20 minutes.

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3- Let loose the Sasha Fierce girl!! 

Teddy after 🎶 by The Flaming Lips

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4-  Snip snip here. Snip snip there and Voila!

5- Talk about an 'Extreme Dog Makeover.' 

6- Sometimes all you need is a streak of color to unleash the inner diva in us all. 

7- It's a Pooftastic explosion!!

Meemu got a bath. And then a @vitalessentialsraw minnow.

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8- Look my dog is ready for the Pride parade.  

9- This dog is ready for a deep in thought car commercial with Matthew McConaughey.

10- Take a note, it's all in the flick of a tail. 

🎶 by @tinashenow

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11- Show me sultry. Show me defiant. Show me... lust!

12- I feel pretty. So pretty and witty and gay. But who doesn't after a shower?

13- You better Woof henny! 

@buscabulla and ✨@alll_of_olive✨

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14- You may not want a color that makes you seen from space. But you do you.  

15- Yes please! If you've got it flaunt it! 

@helloimthechooch and @frankiecombos

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16- You are red carpet ready. Werk that hair!

"Groomed" can be purchased on Amazon now. And we'll be accepting title ideas for the reality show. 

H/T : BuzzFeed