Jim Carrey's Portrait Of What Appears To Be Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has Conservatives Crying Foul

Jim Carrey's Portrait Of What Appears To Be Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has Conservatives Crying Foul
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Updated 4 months ago

If you've been keeping tabs on enigmatic comedian/actor Jim Carrey's career, you may have noticed that in the last few years, he's been making a bit of a name for himself as a visual artist. Carrey's best known for making bold statements both in his career choices as a comedian and serious dramatic actor (check out Netflix documentary, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond) and on the red carpet. And in true Carrey fashion, his art is exploring political commentary. His latest work is a portrait of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Carrey shared the portrait on Twitter:

Some conservatives are asking if he's gone too far. Fox and Friends hosts weighed in on the controversial art, referencing Carrey's 24-year-old comedic role in Dumb & Dumber.

Their argument appears to be that Carrey has no business commenting on politics:

Huckabee Sanders' father, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and other conservative pundits came to her defense:

While conservatives called the piece anti-Christian and sexist, others made a case for Carrey's right to criticize the administration through an artistic lens.

Comedian and infamous pot-stirrer Kathy Griffin, no stranger to controversial political commentary, defended Carrey:

Some argued that it seemed more important to keep an eye on the actions of the administration than on Carrey's art: 

Carrey himself seemed undaunted and happily shared other works from his series:

And Daily Beast's Marlow Stern shared a few more:

What do you think? Is Carrey out of line here or are Huckabee Sanders and the rest of the Trump gang fair game for political dissent, whether it be from progressive pundits, comedians, or artists? And just exactly where is the line between searing political commentary and bullying?

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