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These Incredibly Embarrassing Moments Just Made Us Feel So Much Better About Our Lives

These Incredibly Embarrassing Moments Just Made Us Feel So Much Better About Our Lives
By Tom.
Updated 2 months ago

We all do it. You know it's true. There's no shame in it. But when we're not vigilant it can lead us into some embarrassing moments. We are of course discussing the consumption of porn

Watching pornography should be an 'intimate' activity. Something we indulge in with ourselves or a paramour. However, thanks to advancements in technology, in particular the birth of the bluetooth, our daily video library can become a public spectacle. In this day and age you can't be lazy with your settings, we fidget with them too much to not pay attention. And if you think butt dialing the person you're trash talking is embarrassing, oh, just wait. 

1- Always, ALWAYS doublecheck the Bluetooth connection! And for certain things... try to be home alone. 

2- See, this is a problem that plagues us all apparently. 

3- Technology was suppose to make our lives easier. Not so much.  

4- But mom you always used to always want to watch movies together. 

5- Oh dad. I can never unknow this about you! 

6- Let's hope grandma's hearing aid is off. 

7- I'm not paying extra for that!

8- Not the worst way to bring in more customer traffic. 

9- Just pick a song! ANY SONG!

10- Sitting in traffic is awful. Might as well make it spicy. 

11- Why waste time? Best to get straight to the finale! 

12- I can hardly wait for the Thanksgiving gathering. 

13- Video in the shower? It's cleaner but dangerous. 

14- Better your little brother hear from you and not the streets. 

15- Always close the window. Just save it to your Bookmarks.

16- Well there is a Ho-Ho-Ho for you! 

17- As long as they keep their eyes on the road and at least one hand on the wheel... you do you friend! 

Now everybody.... GO CHECK YOUR BLUETOOTH!! 

H/T : BuzzFeed