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New York City Could Soon Be Facing A Frito-Lay Shortage Thanks To PepsiCo
1 month ago

According to the New York Post, dozens of drivers for Frito-Lay have quit, causing a massive shortage of everyone's favorite go-to snack food on convenience store shelves throughout New York City. The disgruntled workers from the Brooklyn depot and other locations shelved their delivery duties after receiving pay cuts. The cuts, which reduced their incomes by as much as 33%, started last year. Fans of the addictive chips can thank Frito-Lay owner PepsiCo. for the sudden loss of color in their worlds.

Here's the report:

While some are attempting to look on the bright side...

( one tell this person that Doritos and SunChips are also products of Frito-Lay):

Others see opportunity:

Some Twitter users decried Pepsi-Co and saluted the former employees who took a stand:


But for dedicated snackers everywhere, Priyana's words just about sum it up: