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The Newest Viral Video Fad In China Involves Women Chomping Down On Colorful Ice

The Newest Viral Video Fad In China Involves Women Chomping Down On Colorful Ice
Updated 2 months ago

You know that tingly feeling you get when someone whispers in your ear? Or when a breeze blows across your neck just right?

That trembling shiver that creeps across your scalp and down throughout the rest of your body? That feeling that makes you feel all Danny Zuko at the end of Grease

It's actually one of your body's involuntary responses, and it's called autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR for short. Believe it or not, it's a big part of social media trends in China. People love making videos designed to trigger the ASMR response in their audience. It could be triggered by the sound of whispering, tapping fingernails, or turning pages. Most recently, the big ASMR video trend is young people chewing ice in silence, allowing the audience to focus on the sounds of crunching and slurping. Like most social media trends, it started simple but people kicked it into overdrive. Plain ice cubes gave way to colorful and intricate ice creations and people can't get enough.

Check out some of these videos. This woman made a sphere to crunch on.

Colorful frozen milk makes for a completely different experience.

This feels kind of cannibalistic.

Why eat with a spoon when you can just eat the spoon itself?

Lego ice is a thing?

These ice "dumplings" are gorgeous and we're almost sad they get crunched to oblivion. Almost.

Some of the videos go beyond the simple joy of crunching ice and into... well, this.

The trend is moving past China now, and people are really, really into it. 

This person's favorite song is ten hours of ice eating?!?

We worried about dental health when we watched. Glad we aren't the only ones who were concerned!

Poor Callie. Should we send a team to drag you away from your screen?

If you're feeling daring and ready to go down the rabbit hole, you can search tags like "ice eating" and "ice ASMR" on Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube to find videos. Grab a pair of headphones and see if the videos are oddly hypnotic or give you tingles.

Warning: not ideal for people like our mom who get irrationally angry when someone makes "mouth noises." We are not responsible for any injuries or damage caused when they rage-flip a table, throw their phone across a room, etc. She may or may not still be mad at us for showing her these.

The rest of you, enjoy!

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