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The New 'Infinity War' Trailer Has Fans Very Worried About Captain America

The New 'Infinity War' Trailer Has Fans Very Worried About Captain America
Updated 2 months ago

The final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War dropped on Friday, March 16, and fans are experiencing a broad spectrum of emotions in response. Perhaps chief among them, however, is fear. The most climactic moment of the trailer features Captain America fighting Thanos, the intergalactic titan, one-on-one. That, any Marvel fan will tell you, is a recipe for disaster.

Steve seems to be giving it everything he has, while Thanos is experiencing mild confusion.

Twitter was equal parts excited and terrified to see Cap take on Thanos:

Captain America vs. Thanos is hardly a fair fight, whether it's in a movie or in the comics:

Though the Captain getting beat to oblivion may be totally worth it just to see Thanos confused for this small second:

But a momentary setback won't stop the mad titan from ending things when the time comes...

And where is Bucky for all of this?

After seeing the trailer, many fans are pretty sure the worst is coming... that Captain America will die:

You can rage all you like, fans, but it won't change anything.

Will Steve Rogers make it to Infinity War: Part 2? We'll all find out on April 27, when what feels like every superhero we've ever encountered teams up to defend Earth from its greatest threat yet. See you in the theater!