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These Gorgeous Paintings Were Made In Microsoft Paint By An 87-Year-Old Grandma

These Gorgeous Paintings Were Made In Microsoft Paint By An 87-Year-Old Grandma
By Tom.
Updated 2 months ago

Just because one gets to a "certain age," and the body and mind isn't as amiable doesn't mean we can't utilize our dotage as a time of rediscovery and action. If 50 is the new 3o then 90 can be the new 70. And in life there is an endless wealth of possibilities of things to do and learn. These are the things that keep us young forever. Case in point...

87-year-old grandmother from Valencia, Spain, Concha García Zaera is an avid art enthusiast and painter. She has spent most of her artistic passion painting with oils. But when the the fumes became too much her children gave her a computer and she realized a new way she could continue her creativity. By using Microsoft Paint. No... really! 

Most of us still have an issue understanding unnecessary Facebook changes but look what this woman can do...

1- Take us to the shore.

That's from Microsoft Paint? 

Apparently Concha does it all old school with a mouse. Recently the grandmother expanded her audience to Instagram and her fan base has grown exponentially. Her work is incredible. 

2- Ahh the seascape of Spain. 

3- Flowers for Concha García Zaera. 

4- Home sweet home. 

5- Her detail is extraordinary. 

6- You can almost feel the tranquility. 

7- Who doesn't love a balcony?

8- Don't you feel like singing "The Sound of Music?" 

9- Capturing life at it's best through Microsoft. Who would've thought?

Concha says it can take her up to two weeks for each photo. From what we've seen thus far? That is time well spent. And now she is Instagram famous. Not too long ago she had a mere 361 followers but then her work was retweeted and now she has 100,00 followers and counting. Go ahead girl! 

For artists, the creative resolve is timeless. 

H/T : Mashable