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Rihanna Isn't Buying Snapchat's Apology After Its Insensitive Ad Disaster

Rihanna Isn't Buying Snapchat's Apology After Its Insensitive Ad Disaster
Updated 2 months ago

Snapchat found itself in hot water this week when they posted an animated ad asking users if they would rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown. We have no idea what made them think that joking about domestic violence was an acceptable way to invite engagement, but they did.

After fierce public backlash, the company released an apology to Rihanna. Normally that would be where the story ended. But Rihanna did something not a lot of people think to do. She read their apology and decided it wasn't enough.

In other words:

Snapchat: "We apologize. Let's move on." 


Not only did she not accept the apology, she told them (and the rest of the world) exactly why and what she thought about the app. 

Rihanna hopped on her Instagram Story to make her statement, and fans have been talking about it since. 

The text reads: 

Now Snapchat, I know you already know you ain't my fav app out there! But I'm just trying to figure out what the point was with this mess! I'd love to call it ignorance, but I know you ain't that dumb! You spent money to animate something that would intentionally bring shame to domestic violence victims and made a joke of it!!! This isn't about my personal feelings, cause I don't have much of them... but all the women, children, and men that have been victims of domestic violence in the past and especially the ones who haven't made it out yet... you let us down! Shame on you. Throw the whole app-oligy away.

People are beyond impressed that Rihanna stood her ground, and they're standing with her:

People seriously took Rihanna's words to heart. 

She said throw the whole app-oligy away, and they went "Okay." 

The GIFs were on point:

And finally, in case there was any confusion: