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Disturbing Videos Show Islamophobic Moms Teaching Their Kids To Be 'Patriots' By Vandalizing A Mosque

Disturbing Videos Show Islamophobic Moms Teaching Their Kids To Be 'Patriots' By Vandalizing A Mosque
2 months ago

Two mothers expose their children to hate disguised as patriotism when they vandalized a mosque in Arizona and harassed people on the streets. Their mission was to “expose the evil that is happening in our backyards” and teach their children how to be American patriots by “collecting as much information” and “exposing mosques". The video was posted on Facebook by Tahnee Gonzales. 

Moms teach their kids to hate Muslims and Arabs at a Mosque.

Donald Trump supporter moms teach their kids to hate. These hateful mothers go to a Mosque in Tempe, Arizona to harass and mock Muslims. Please make this video go viral! AND CALL the local police and report them for "domestic" TERRORISM! Also see this video:

Posted by Naui Ocelotl's - nauiocelotl YouTube videos. on Monday, March 12, 2018

The group of "patriots" trespassed onto the property and began taking down flyers and bashing Muslims. The mothers repeatedly told their children to not touch anything as it was "disease ridden".  Some disturbing quotes of the video didn't come from the mothers, but from the children learning all of this hate. 

 “Be careful, because Muslims are waiting to rape you,” and "they smell like goat" the young girl is heard telling the boy. 

While the children were climbing on the mosque’s funeral van, one mother tells the kids to get off and that there were "dead Muslims' and "sex goats" in there. 

After the group has trampled all over the closed Mosque, a man comes out wondering what they are doing on private property. The mom running the camera spews hate at him saying "do you guys encourage child marriages, yes you do" and "you guys even rape goats". 

Another video of the same group of moms and kids was posted to Facebook. This time the "Patriots" took to the streets to harass supporters of Deedra Abboud, a Muslim woman running for office.  The woman verbally attacked the "spirit cookers" and made a supposed trans-gendered child cry. 

I don't usually share negativity on my FB because I prefer to focus on solutions. However, I am sharing this video...

Posted by Deedra Hill Abboud on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Everyone agreed on Facebook that there is no room for this magnitude of hate in our world.   

Love trumps hate, but these children may never learn that with mothers like those.