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Harry Style's New Song 'Medicine' Is Being Hailed As A Bisexual Anthem

Harry Style's New Song 'Medicine' Is Being Hailed As A Bisexual Anthem
Updated 2 months ago

During a concert at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris on Tuesday, Harry Styles performed two new, unreleased songs: "Anna" and "Medicine." Fans have become obsessed with the second song, and the lyrics have quickly sparked an online firestorm. One line is in the beginning, when he says, "Treat you like a gentleman," but the real kicker is this one:

The boys and girls are here / I'm messin 'round with them / and I'm okay with it

Followed by this equally controversial and perhaps telling line:

I’m coming down, I figured out I kinda like it

Styles has been subject of both gay and bisexual rumors for several years. In the past, he has refused to label himself. Could this song mean he's taking a step toward doing so, or is it simply a "take it as it is" situation?

Fans are calling "Medicine" a bisexual anthem:

People have been discussing the meaning of specific lyrics, and there is an ongoing debate over whether he said "him" or "them":

Someone provided a video of Styles saying the lyric, which sounded like a loud and clear "him," though official interpretation is still up in the air.

Him? Them? 'Em? Who knows? Only he does.

Even celebrities got in on the hype, including fellow singer Troye Sivan:

And figure skating champion Adam Rippon:

Some fans believe this isn't just another song, but Styles' version of coming out:

The mega-talented pop singer is a lot more than his sexuality. Considering he hasn't addressed it in the past, perhaps he doesn't plan on doing so in the future? 

Styles will likely continue to date whom he wishes, and may not see the need to stick a label on it.

If he ever does come out, his fans will surely will be there to support him: