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Accused Casino Robber Used Blackface To Conceal His Identity—And It Failed Spectacularly

Accused Casino Robber Used Blackface To Conceal His Identity—And It Failed Spectacularly
Updated 2 months ago

Cameron James Kennedy, 26, is no Danny Ocean. On Monday, March 12, he was charged in a federal court with one count of interference with commerce by robbery after holding up a Las Vegas casino's cage. He absconded with $23,367 but is now in custody. What's even worse for Kennedy is that he was caught wearing blackface to avoid recognition while committing his crimes, as if stealing over $20k wasn't bad enough. 

The cashier he held up told the Las Vegas Sun she assumed Kennedy was white because "his skin tone appeared irregular and blotchy."

So Kennedy's disguise was not only disrespectful and racist, it was also ineffective.

Kennedy's plan was doomed from the start. He was already under federal supervision for an earlier bank robbery and was required to wear a GPS tracking device, which he cut off hours before holding up the New York-New York casino in Vegas. The robbery itself was also poorly planned.

Kennedy walked up to the cage, showed the teller the handgun he had tucked into his belt, and said:

I want all your hundreds, and don’t mess around.

After leaving the hotel in a taxi, Kennedy purchased a $1,500 gold bracelet, money orders amounting to around $1,800, and a $1,500 prepaid debit card under another name. Police received a tip that led to the robber on January 18, and he was arrested a week later. He is currently in federal custody until his March 26 preliminary hearing.

Kennedy faces up to 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000 — more than ten times more than he managed to rob from the casino. 

In this case, crime literally didn't pay:

Kennedy is being represented by a public defender who refused to comment on the case. As is the case with any crime, his actions were shameful and wrong, but the added racial insult of blackface should make for an incredibly unsympathetic jury.

Here's hoping!