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RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images
Columbine Students Walking Out In Solidarity With Parkland Carries An Extra Weight
1 month ago

Wednesday teemed with youthful revolution as thousands of students across the nation walked out of their classrooms on the one-month anniversary of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, calling for action against gun violence in America. While many appreciate the newly-impassioned activism against NRA-backed lawmakers, one community feels our nation's pain even more acutely.

Though many Americans have grown numb to the cycle of gun violence, the students of Columbine High School continue to earn diplomas in an institution known for being the site of an epochal moment in U.S. school shootings. At Columbine High, the March 14 walkout carried pain older than most of its students. The 1999 massacre at Columbine is widely perceived as the first modern incident of a violent pattern that would characterize America's gun violence epidemic as we know it.

The internet rallied around Columbine students to provide strength in the face of futility.

Many felt Columbine was a turning point, but we've been been going the wrong way for nineteen years:

Perhaps more than anyone, Columbine students understand the very real possibility that nothing will change. Yet they and students all across America won't back down until something does.