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9 Legendary Logos Just Got Updated Into Female Versions, And We Like Them Better
2 months ago

Creative Equals, an organization which promotes diversity in creative industries such as film, TV, and theater, but also graphic design and production, targeted nine iconic logos and replaced them with female figures.  

Creative Equals' founder and CEO Ali Hanan says that they went after graphic design because 89.5 percent of design directors are male and it can affect a brand’s identity.  They "wanted to show a variety of examples to get people celebrating International Women’s Day and thinking about the need for more women."

Take a look at these metamorphoses:

1. Madamoiselle Pringles:

2. Park Place just got more fabulous:

3. Schwarzkopf already translates to 'blackhead' so really boys, the joke's always been on you:

4. Teamworks makes the Dreamworks:

5. Bic, by Her:

6. BAFTA: Baffling that we needed an old Roman character as the logo:

7. The Oscars, or should we say, The Needlessly-Male-Award-Statue:

These next guys took inspiration from Creative Equals.

8. Ms. McDonald Had A Farm

9. Television For Women (And It's Not Lifetime):

Who's going to follow suit next?  MORE WOMEN IN MEDIA, PLEASE.

H/T: BoredPanda