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Chinese Social Media Is Censoring A Journalist's Dramatic Eye Roll Over Another Reporter's Question

A single eye roll has all of China buzzing, but to be fair it was an epic, award-worthy eye roll. China’s National People’s Congress has a history of being quite the tedious affair — so much so it is not unheard of for delegates to fall asleep. All that changed when reporter Liang Xiangyi let her feelings be known after fellow reporter Zhang Huijun asked a long and (for lack of better word) ass-kissy question.

If you want to get an idea of what Liang Xiangyi suffered through, here is a transcript of the rambling question. 

I am Zhang Huijun, the executive director of AMTV USA. My question is:
Improving the state-owned assets-management system and strengthening state-asset supervision by focusing on capital management is something that everyone is concerned about. As the commission of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, what are the new policies to be introduced in this area in 2018?
This year marks the 40th anniversary of 'reform and opening-up' – our country will open up further. For the 'one belt one road' initiative, state-owned enterprises will increase their investment in countries along the 'one belt, one road'. How are the overseas assets of state-owned enterprises effectively regulated to stem the outflow of capital of state-owned assets? What kind of mechanisms have been launched and how effective are the measures? Could you give us an introduction?

We can see why Liang Xiangyi was fed up.

Soon after the clip went viral, searches for Liang Xiangyi were blocked on China's popular microblogging site FreeWeibo. 

But people still had fun reenacting the moment:

The Chinese government couldn't stop people from having fun with the eye roll...

There was even some merchandise being sold. That was fast!

H/T: InkStoneNews, Buzzfeed