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These Brutal Memes From Hairdressers Have Us Questioning Our Hair Style Choices

Don't play with your stylist. I know we all think of them as our back up therapists but, they're not. And we need to treat them more like friends. Be respectful and full of cheer or.... just like your waiters and friends they will cut you behind your back. And you'll probably deserve it. Examples of a stylist's life as follows.... 

Don't look at me from the eyes down! / Via @jackieepp

Aren't I naturally beautiful? You know it! / Via @hairstylist_horror_stories

Girl! You not trying to hide that weave are you? / Via @caitlinstylesyourhair

Buckle up! It's going to be a bumpy rinse. / Via @j_cardii

You think you got this? Go ahead. LOLOLOL

Hold my hand. Tell your truth! 

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Chile please. Listen to that inner voice. 

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Omissions are still a LIE! Omissions cost you! 

Who are you lying to? I'm not blind. / Via @eastcoastflairhairstudio

Oh Jesus. Help me. / Via http://@1n.velvet

I can't! Not today Satan! / Via http://@1n.velvet

That should be a fat free latte... you need it. Mhmmmm.

Did they see me?! God no please! / Via @bitchesofbalayage

When did you buy a watch?

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You dirty, filthy B! / Via @packin_ash

Are your fingers broken? You ain't got a phone to call ahead? / Via @thebraidylady

Oh... Hell no! / Via TV One

Tip your stylist. They own you. 

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