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Indian Doctors Suspended After Using Man's Amputated Leg As A Pillow For His Head

*WARNING: this article contains images readers may find disturbing*

At a government-run hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, 4 medical professionals are facing disciplinary action after images surfaced on the internet of a patient whose leg had just been amputated being made to use to use his own severed limb as a pillow.

Twitter was beyond disgusted.

The poor man made to lay on his own leg was the 28-year-old victim of a bus accident.

Disciplinary action is being taken against all the physicians involved.

One official from the medical facility isn't sure her staff did anything wrong, however.

Kaushik's opinion doesn't seem to have many supporters on social media...

Ethics watchdogs around the world are also stepping in to make sure justice is served.

It doesn't matter if there weren't any pillows nearby - this should have never been an alternative!

This wrong will be very difficult to right, but with institutional reform, it may be possible

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