Amazon Delivery Man Fired After Carelessly Tossing Large Package Onto A Puppy

Amazon Delivery Man Fired After Carelessly Tossing Large Package Onto A Puppy
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Updated 4 months ago

Imagine ordering a package on Amazon and coming home to find the box streaked with blood and your puppy acting strange. It would be cause for concern to almost anyone. 

For one couple in Hollywood, Florida, the mystery was solved when they looked at security footage that showed them the truth about what happened. From the looks of the video, their Amazon delivery driver purposefully dropped a large box on top of their four-month-old puppy. 

The video shows the unnamed driver walking up to the fence where two dogs (one adult, one puppy) are barking. The driver ignores the front door of the house, which is just off screen along the walkway on the right. He opts, instead, to hoist the package up over the fence and drop it directly on top of the puppy, who is barely visible in the lower right of the video. 

Again, the front door was accessible, there was tons of other space along the fence to drop the package, and the driver is looking right at the puppy when he drops the box on top of it. You cannot see the dog get hurt, but you can see it run out of frame and circle back around from the left after a while. 

The owner posted the video on Facebook asking people to share.

As the video made the rounds, a lot of people didn't even notice the puppy in the video at first and assumed the owners were lying.

Because people are awful.

And some people even celebrated the idea of the driver hurting the dog, particularly if the puppy was a "pit bull." 

After a bunch of people insinuated that the package was too small to hurt the dog or that the dog wasn't hit, the owners posted a picture of the puppy next to the box so people could see the size difference.

For the most part, though, people seemed shocked and disgusted by the driver's actions.

Amazon has decided to no longer use this third-party delivery person and has offered to cover medical expenses for the dog's injuries. 

The owners say the dog will be fine, but that's not stopping some angry people from making suggestions. 

But again, the owners prove themselves to be reasonable people who are only interested in accountability, not revenge. 

Do you think Amazon no longer using this third-party driver was an appropriate response or an overreaction? Sound off.

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