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Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images, Twitter: @lolibraun
Oprah's Response To Trump's Recent Slew Of Insults Is Sanity At Its Finest

Donald Trump has gone after Oprah Winfrey multiple times in the past few weeks, calling her "very insecure" and saying that he would make her run for president "painful" if she decided to go down that road in 2020. Oprah recently spoke to CNN's Van Jones and discussed how she would respond to Trumps  insults. As you can imagine, she was very level-headed about the matter. 

Oprah's response resonated with a vast number of people on Twitter. 

The Trump trolls chimed in to attempt to diminish Oprah's relevancy and her wise response to the question. 

Some people could not see the power and common sense in Oprah's statement, saying that complacency will only give Trump more power. 

One twitter user elaborated on why Oprah's response was appropriate and completely just. 

Be mindful of who and what you spend your energy on if you are really trying to make a difference. We hear you Oprah!

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