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Nightclub Shuts Down Amid Cries Of Animal Abuse After Woman Rides Spooked Horse Into Crowd
2 months ago

The Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach, Florida, bills itself as a place where a "stylish crowd can party in a small but glamorous space." But the clubs size didn't stop the venue from pulling a major stunt this past Thursday night. A go-go dancer rode a horse onto the dance floor. The horse quickly got spooked and bucked the woman off before trying to make a break for it, running through the crowd on its own.

The whole scene was captured for posterity and has gone viral...

The original video, which has since been plastered across social media, first appeared on the Instagram story of @jennyg_.

People expressed sympathy for the animal:

Others seemed to feel this was something to joke about:

The next day, as outrage was brewing, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber spoke about the situation in a press conference:

In the press conference, he revealed that the Mokai Lounge had been shut down, citing cruelty to animals and hazard to public safety.

The actual notice can be seen here:

People were thrilled:

Remember people, horses and clubs don't mix.

H/T: Twitter