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These Passive-Aggressive Notes From Roommates Make Us Thankful For Our Own Living Situations

These Passive-Aggressive Notes From Roommates Make Us Thankful For Our Own Living Situations
By Tom.
2 months ago

How many of us spent a significant time of our adolescence watching shows like 'The Odd Couple, Three's Company, The Golden Girls and Friends,' preparing for the day we could run from our parent's prison to embark on the pursuit of a dream, while living with the coolest people and sharing the craziest tales? Good times right?

AND TOTAL LIES!!!  The roommate situation is a dicey life risk. Rachel and Monica, Rose and Blanche? It's all fabrication. Nobody lives like that! Even married couples don't live like that! And the stickiest part of the roommate dynamic is that nobody really wants to rock the boat, especially if you found a place and hood you love. So many of us try to drop "subtle" hints about things that need to improve the living sitch. And the people who commented on this topic left some EPIC FYIs for their housemates. 

1 ) Take me to the mountain... of dishes. 

2) Make it white roses and we have a deal. 

3) Um... it's shocking what needs explaining sometimes. 

4) Well cock a doodle doo!

5) Use your words Shelby! Use your words. 

6) Dear Gary, 

Put on some rubber gloves and don't ask questions. Just action. 

7) Just take a long, deep breath. 

8) How about I TP your head? 

9) Better safe than sorry. 

10) Build it and he shall stay. 

11) It's good to know the rules. 

12) Haha... hope that when down well.

13) Spellcheck is your friend. 

14) You are absolved of all sin. 

15) Why lie? Better yet, why share personal accounts with roommates? It's business not love and even if it's love.... DON'T SHARE ! 

16) Goodness, laundry can be lethal. Like Glenn Close lethal. 

17) Dishwasher this is Brian. Brian this is dishwasher. 

18) Art is really so subjective. 

19) Shame. Shame, shame. You could've burned the house down. 

20) That time your roomie said... Look! I wrote a book inspired by you.

21) Sleep with one eye open. Even if the cake is good. 

22) Good for you, you can spell. 

23) What say you Adam from Room B?

24) Always follow the blood trail. 

25) I know you are but what am I?

26) Let's not make it such a hairy situation. 

27) Cheese is serious business. I'll cut you. 

28) Shhhh... this is a public space. 

29) Always leave a limerick... it's healing. 

30) To infinity and BEYOND!!!

"Friends" wasn't real. Find a way to live alone!!

H/T : BoredPanda