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It Looks Like Toys R Us Might Be Going Away For Good

It Looks Like Toys R Us Might Be Going Away For Good
2 months ago

Before the era of the internet, Toys "R" Us was the unquestioned king in toy sales. Whether you were looking for an action figure, lego set, or gaming system, the retail giant was a one-stop shop for all children. But times have changed; as the market shifted more and more online, the once ubiquitous Toys "R" Us has struggled to stay afloat. Now, on Thursday March 8, reports surfaced that the toy chain was considering closing and liquidating all of its U.S. stores, signaling an end of Toys "R" Us as we know it.

Losing the stores would make a significant impact on the toy economy.

The store has been a significant presence in children's lives since 1948, and its closure due to bankruptcy is heartbreaking to many.

But what forced Toys "R" Us' closure?  Twitter seemed all too eager to explain:

The store was able to avoid bankruptcy for a while by taking out large loans. 

But since the store is unable to repay its debts, it has to sell its assets to keep afloat. 

Fortunately, this ill fortune doesn't seem to have spread to Canada...yet.

Many blame the store's failure on a refusal to adapt to the modern age of toy sales.

But whatever the reason for its closing, people are sad to see Toys "R" Us go.

The chain will be sorely missed.

Time will tell whether Toys "R" Us manages to claw its way back from bankruptcy once more or whether this is truly the end. If so, it's time for a new era in toy sales - who knows what it will bring?