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Photo by Michael Schwartz/Getty Images
Tomi Lahren's Tweet About Assault Rifles Just Got Owned By A Former Military Member

Flaxen-haired conservative hot girl and political pundit, Tomi Lahren just got owned. And it's her own fault, really.

See, Lahren took to Twitter with what she thought was a super smart "Gotcha!" tweet about what the letters AR in name AR-15 stand for (presumably, information someone recently shared with Lahren herself)—as if the definition of this acronym was somehow germane to the arguments being put forth against the weaponry. 

Instead, Lahren came off at best, as a defensive knowitall:

Luckily, fantasy author and security contractor, Myke Cole stepped in to school her: 

Not only did someone with military, intelligence, and law enforcement experience take her down with a single tweet, the rest of Twitter stepped up to show her just how ridiculous her argument was:

Turns out AR stands for so many things, thanks, Internet!

Poor Lahren—at least she took a shot at it. 😂

H/T: Twitter