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Reporter Received Huge Database Of Information About Presidential Pardons From Murder-Suicide Suspect

On February 28, USA Today reporter Gregory Korte received some unusual emails from professor and political expert P.S. Ruckman. Ruckman was a an expert on the subject of clemency and had been compiling a database of every Presidential pardon going back to George Washington. Korte was familiar with Ruckman's work, but Ruckman had previously been reluctant to share the full database before he completed the book he planned on writing. 

So it was surprising to find the massive files containing all of Ruckman's data attached to the emails he sent to Korte, it represented his life's work. The only explanation Ruckman gave for this data dump was "Would want you to have this and use freely." 

Korte later found out it was likely Ruckman's final act before he killed his two sons, and then himself.

In his wake Ruckman has left colleagues and police struggling to understand his actions. Korte, among the others who received Ruckmans data wonder how to handle such important work "tainted" by such a tragic event. Though there are no plans as of yet the data may be released publicly in honor of Ruckman's two sons. 

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