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These Tweets From Dads Are Surprisingly Relatable, Even If You're Not Actually A Dad
By Tom.
2 months ago

Being a dad can be rough stuff, heck life itself is rough stuff. But as a father you don't realize what these kids have in store for you until it's too late. However once to do, you take names and a swig of  bourbon. Some dads have become outspoken about their day to day by going to Twitter to give a holler about survival and, it's all HILARIOUS! 

Shockingly even those of us without child can find a few gems for the everyday life, if we listen close enough. Dads are funny... and wise. Pencils up.

1) Always look for the streaks. 

A Bearer of Dad News / Via Twitter: @HomeWithPeanut

2) It's good to know which situations are too dangerous. 

James Breakwell / Via Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

3) Know which doors to keep closed. 


4) You have to learn to take life 90 seconds at a time. 

Simon Holland / Via Twitter: @simoncholland

5) Finding patience one nibble at a time is all you've got. 

mark / Via Twitter: @TheCatWhisprer

6) Hide everything! Keep it all kid hands free. 

Fabricator General / Via Twitter: @TheFGeneral

7) Turn the lights out and run, wisdom is found in the darkness.

Real American Dadass / Via Twitter: @R_A_Dadass

8) Live hard, play hard, die hard. 

Jack's Dad / Via Twitter: @DaddingAround

9) Bravo! No need for an encore. 

TwinzerDad / Via Twitter: @TwinzerDad

10) Fingers crossed and God speed! The new mantra.

Joe Martin / Via Twitter: @joeDmarti

11) If you lay still they may just sniff you and wander off. 

dadpression / Via Twitter: @Dadpression

12) Try to keep up, those punches won't stop coming. 

Dave Learns To Dad / Via Twitter: @DaveLearnsToDad

13) Everyone needs to be accounted for. 

Steven L. Jones / Via Twitter: @steven__jones

14) Keep your body agile, it may also double be a landing pad. 

Jack's Dad / Via Twitter: @DaddingAround

15) There has to be some sorcery to usurp one's essence. 

Real American Dadass / Via Twitter: @R_A_Dadass

16) Who are you wearing? Why?

Philipp Weiser / Via Twitter: @weiphi

17) Just kick everything to the side. You just have to to put it all back anyway. 

Jack's Dad / Via Twitter: @DaddingAround

18) Nobody's got answers, 'tis life! 

TwinzerDad / Via Twitter: @TwinzerDad