Meryl Streep Is Once Again The Oscars Meme We Don't Deserve

Meryl Streep Is Once Again The Oscars Meme We Don't Deserve
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Updated 4 months ago

There are things you can count on from the Oscars every year: gorgeous gowns, a weird acceptance speech, people that drone on too long β€” and a Meryl Streep nomination. Let's face it, Streep is legend. An iconic American thespian goddess. 

And while it's true she is as talented an actress as they come, she's also incredibly likable, appearing to shun the usual celebrity trappings (save for awards shows) in favor of a more down-to-earth, homebody type existence. In fact, one could argue it's her they're-just-like-us demeanor, that somehow, makes her even more appealing.


That appeal is what made the 2015 shot of her at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, cupping her hands in front of her mouth and shouting as if she was cheering on her favorite team at a sporting event, go viral. And in true Streep fashion, she one-upped herself at this year's Academy Awards, updating her own meme with a hot red dress. 

Now, you can have your favorite Meryl meme in your choice of two colors:

Is there anything she can't do?

And her Twitter fans were here for it:

I mean, it's just too tempting not to put words in her mouth:

I think we're all agreed:

We rest our case.

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