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Here Are Some Of The Best Signs From The #March4Women In London

Here Are Some Of The Best Signs From The #March4Women In London
Updated 3 months ago

Sunday was the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in the U.K., and a march for women's equality began in London, starting at Millbank's Old Palace Yard. Many wore sashes with the famous slogan of the suffragettes, "deeds not words." Among the leaders of the march were prominent women's rights activist Helen Pankhurst and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Both had opportunities to speak.

Pankhurst said:

There are those that are moving together, trying to say 'that's not the way we want this world to look', and moving us forward, and looking at issues around inequality and naming prejudice and all sorts of forms of entitlement, that just shouldn't be part of the scene of the 21st century.

Khan made these forceful remarks:

We’ve got to make sure that we get more women in boardrooms… more women in positions of power and influence. The reason that they’re not there is not because they are not talented, not ambitious, it’s because of the discrimination that exists. We’ve got to make sure that we get rid of it. Marches have their place, one of the reasons suffragettes and suffragists got the vote 100 years ago is because of marching and demonstrating and rallies, but that by itself is not enough. Employers, me included, have got to take action.

Not to be outdone by the American women's marches, people were out in force with some pretty on point signs.

There was this clever take on a tube sign:

One person took a swipe at Prime Minister Theresa May:

There was this series of standout signs:

And this clever take on #MeToo:

And, of course, many women were carrying the most English sign ever...

Even MPs in Parliament tweeted support...

Including the Prime Minister:

Hats off to London from across the pond!

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