Thanks To Frances McDormand, Everyone Is Wondering What An 'Inclusion Rider' Is

Thanks To Frances McDormand, Everyone Is Wondering What An 'Inclusion Rider' Is
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4 months ago

When Frances McDormand took the stage to nab her Best Actress award at the Academy Awards last night, you could tell she was a woman with a purpose. McDormand, who is know for her idiosyncratic portrayals of so-called "difficult women," set her Oscar down on the floor and asked for all the other female nominees (in her category and every other) to please stand. Informing everyone that it was time for "some perspective," she went on to say:

  Look around, ladies and gentlemen because we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed. Don’t talk to us about it at the parties tonight.” (Motioning to a nonexistent wristwatch.) Invite us into your office in a couple days, or you can come to ours—whichever suits you best—and we’ll tell you all about them. 

But as feminist-warrior-in-Hollywood as that statement was, it was not that part that had Twitter aflutter afterward. No, that was instead, the two words said right before she walked off stage—inclusion rider.

Many were left asking, "What's an inclusion rider?"

For those who might not know, here's what McDormand had to say about her words afterward in the press room:

Actress/Comedian, Whitney Cummings tweet-splained the meaning of inclusion rider to the masses last night, post-Oscars:

And while some folks were all about Lady McDormand holding court in that moment with her fellow female nominees, some were less than enthused with her ideas for greater inclusion in Hollywood.

But whether we all like the idea of an inclusion rider or not, it's nothing new. As McDormand herself explained, it's been around forever—the only difference is that now everyone knows about it (thanks to McDormand) and that means how Hollywood changes now is the hands of those actors and actresses with the most power—the A-listers. 

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